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Manufacturer of Tablecloth in Iran

Manufacturer of 6-color tablecloths 1000 g, 500 g, 50-meter tablecloths 2 colors, colored tablecloths, paper tablecloths, box freezers, thick roll freezers, roll waste and aluminum foil

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Products Based on Need

The products of the Mojalalplastic production group are prepared from the best and best raw materials available, and the designers of the collection will design and execute new products with special care and finesse.

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Get the best polymer products from us

1000g tablecloth

Disposable Tablecloth

fri new

Freezer Bag

pa table cloth 2

Paper Tablecloths


Cleaning Napkins

carbag roll

Garbage Bag

for the first time in IranTablecloth 1000 g

Suitable for everything from large parties to a family lunch

paper tableclothe

We will promise an easy choice, a magnificent party back and a popular restaurant in the Mojalalplastic industrial complex with a wide view and the inclusion of community-friendly designs in the design of luxurious 1000 g thick plastic tablecloths.


۰1. No water penetration

No water penetration or rupture and rejection


۰2. Suitable for all

At a sumptuous party or a restaurant or in your own home


۰3. Exclusive

The first product with a large width and size

Our products in

Export of Iranian product

From Arab countries to Australia

0 Country

Successful market presence

Presence of Mojalalplastic sales representatives in different cities of Iran

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