8. Has 39.1 million fans on Weibo

8. Has 39.1 million fans on Weibo

Wang Yibo has actually over 39.1 million fans on Weibo , and it is among leading few Chinese influencers on app alongside Xiao Zhan and Wang Junkai.

9. Loves skateboarding together with his very own skateboarding tv show

Though Wang Yibo first started finding out skateboarding through a reality tv series labeled as yet another attempt in 2019, skateboarding has come to be one of his most significant passions.

The guy actually launched their own skateboarding vlog called aˆ? Yibo’s Skateboard class room aˆ? in 2019 to generally share secrets along with his followers. In 2020, he had been appointed as China’s Skateboarding Ambassador and consistently upload skateboarding photo on the internet till this very day.

10. Is actually a specialist bike racer

As men of a lot talents and passion, Wang Yibo normally known for are an expert motorcycle speed. Since 2019, he’s got already been a member of Yamaha China Racing staff. Then he continued to indulge in the Asia Road Skating Championship in 2019 and claimed 1st place in the novice division.